• The energy you need to last through work, play, or working out should be natural, clean, and efficient. That kind of energy can only come from plant-based ingredients known to aid and enhance your body’s natural functions. 8-Hour Energy Patches provide you with all day energy and a serene sense of vitality and strength, without making you feel anxious, jittery or over-stimulated. Since you need a different and real kind of energy, don’t drink it, just stick it with 8-Hour Energy!
  • Made solely in an American FDA-certified facility, 8-Hour Energy Patches provide time released energy via a scientifically proven micronutrient technology comprised of natural caffeine, ginseng, green tea extract, and a blend of B-vitamins. Each patch delivers hours of energy you control through a safe transdermal delivery system providing peak performance and mental clarity. When you’re ready to relax, simply remove the patch to stop the active flow of ingredients into your system.

  • The Eight Hour Energy Patch

    Keeping pace with life can be tough; juggling jobs, responsibilities, and recreation means maintaining energy levels for extended periods of time. Short term cures like caffeine and sugar have spawned a crowded market of high-octane energy drinks and supplements with limited results and uncomfortable side-effects.

    8-HOUR Energy Patches provide a sensible and safe alternative with all-natural ingredients and an effective delivery system that maintains all-day energy levels for active adults. Transdermal technologies are transforming traditional treatment methods.

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    Trending Today is produced by Electric Productions highlighting cutting-edge trends, innovations, industry leaders and inspiring solutions. From culinary inventions to medical breakthroughs, our team discovers the best and brightest to provide dynamic content in a high quality educational format. 8-HOUR Energy Patch is the future of energy supplementation, delivering all-natural peak energy, performance and mental clarity for your daily activities.

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